19th Dec2012

Auntie Mame Auditions

Join us onstage for our upcoming production! Auditions for Auntie Mame are January 2 & 3 starting at 6pm. Come see us at The Colonnade Performing Arts Center...

29th Jul2012
Emotional Scenes

Emotional Scenes

For many actors, learning to “cry on cue” is one of the hardest skills to learn. There are many exercises one can do to reach the emotional...

20th Jun2012

The Neverending Story Movie Trailer

To get us in the spirit of our upcoming production, here’s the trailer from the film adaptation of The Neverending Story which debuted in 1984.  

14th Jun2012

Neverending Story Cast Announced

We are so excited to announce the cast of the Neverending Story! This is going to be a magical show and we cannot wait to share it...